the process + sustainability

Libby Haines Art is independently owned by Libby Haines, who operates the business entirely out of her home in Melbourne along with her husband Sam who builds the frames for her original art works. Libby understands the importance of transparency with her business structure and is committed to improving all aspects of operation to ensure the most sustainable practices possible are in place to minimise her business’s ecological footprint.

Libby works with water soluable oil paints. As water-soluable paints feature solvents that are primarily made up of water, they release much fewer VOCs into the air, and are therefore considered better for the environment and people's health. 

The frames used in her original artworks are made from raw Tasmanian Oak, 100% sustainably sourced (PEFC / AFS certified) and Australian manufactured. Tasmanian Oak is a durable and high quality hardwood that can last a lifetime.

All packaging for original art is recyclable and biodegradable which includes the hexagon wrap and paper tape.

All limited edition fine art prints are printed on demand to eliminate wastage. The fine art paper used is mould-made from 100% Cotton. This technique is considered to be the oldest and finest. Handmade cotton papers are made from post consumer fibres like old shirts as a by-product of the textile industry. These fibres would otherwise end up in landfill, therefore the paper achieves a low carbon footprint in production.

 All the packaging for sending fine art prints is biodegradable, including the boxes, hexagon wrap and tape. The exception is the archival and acid-free sleeves used to protect the prints.

Libby aims to paint long lasting and timeless works that her collectors will keep for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about the supply chain Libby welcomes these, please feel free to get in touch at