Caring for (and Framing) your Fine Art Print

All my prints are printed on fine art museum grade paper made from 100% Cotton. If treated properly they are designed to last for up to 100 years.

 To ensure your print lasts there are things you can do: 

-Avoid Touching the surface of print with bare hands. Moisture and  oils from your skin can affect the print quality. Gloves are ideal when handling prints but if you don’t have them, it is best to hold the print by the edges and handle as little as possible.

- Never attempt to rub the surface of your print with your finger or finger nail as they can scratch and scuff easily, and once this occurs it can’t be undone.

-When removing prints from tubes, slow and steady is best. Make sure the print side is facing up, and place it on a flat clean surface to flatten under its own weight before framing.

 -It is highly recommended you frame your print as soon as possible. All prints arrive in archival acid-free slips which protect it from dust and moisture.

 -When hanging your print ensure it is in a place free of direct sunlight and humidity.


1. Put frame face down a flat clean surface like a bench or table. If you have a clean floor, hats off to you, that will also do!

2. Using a palette or butter knife bend the metal tabs up that hold the backing board in place. 

3. Take out the backing board and the acrylic insert. Remove the protective sleeve from both sides of the acrylic and then slide it back in.

4.Gently slide the print into the frame, facedown The less you handle the surface of the print the better

5. Slide the backing board back in and using a palette or knife again, press the metal tabs back down. 

6. Flip it over and admire your hard work! You did it! Print is framed!